Web Development

Web development usually refers to developing websites for the World Wide Web, or internet. These services can range from simple site design to implementing e-commerce solutions. Some of the aspects of web development include designing a site, writing the material or content for the site, setting up an e-commerce site with a shopping cart, writing specific codes for features on a website and setting up a web hosting server.

The simplest part of web development is basic site design. Working with the end customer, the developer prepares a site layout that includes the different pages and what the copy should say. Often the customer writes the information for the site, or hires a content developer to write the material. Once the material is ready for the site, the designer puts it in place and prepares the site to run. Usually, at this point the site will be available for viewing on a private server that only select people can see. If everything looks okay to the customer, then the site can go live.

Part of the development process may include getting all the necessary work done for running a website, such as finding a host company and getting a server ready to host the website. Occasionally, a web developer will provide these services as one, but more often they will sell the hosting services as a third party provider. They, in turn, go to a host and have them do the technical hosting. Hosting web sites and web servers is a very technical aspect of web development and it is very important to use a reliable provider. Backup systems, technical assistance and good security are all part of the package with a good hosting company.

Content and design are two very important aspects to web development. If your site is interesting, but doesn’t look very good or is difficult to navigate, then people won’t stay, and if they do, they won’t return. In contrast, if your site looks great and is easy to get around, but there is nothing to the material, then that doesn’t appeal to visitors either. When developing the initial site it is very important to design it properly and make sure the content provides visitors what they want and need.

One aspect of web development that many businesses use is adding specialized functions, such as forms, flash displays and popup windows. In order to operate most efficiently, these functions use code that is different than the rest of the site, such as Flash, Java, ASP or CGI. Most developers should be able to integrate any necessary function and special displays into a site with these tools.

Other aspects of web development include e-commerce and shopping cart solutions. These are looked at in depth in another article specifically devoted to that topic, but here are a couple of important tips. There are many shopping cart programs and providers, so it shouldn’t cost too much to implement a cost-effective solution for an e-commerce site. Also, security is vital when working with e-commerce, so make sure all the aspects of security are in place, such as SSL encryption and a firewall for your server.